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MEDLINE is the National Library of Medicine's online database that covers both basic research and the clinical sciences (including nursing, dentistry, pharmacy, and allied health), and includes more than 10 million references to journal articles in the health sciences. MEDLINE contains information from 4,300 journals dating back to 1966 with an additional 7,300 references added weekly (almost 400,000 yearly). The following sites provide free MEDLINE access:

National Library of Medicine is the site of the National Library of Medicine's Internet Grateful Med. Every significant program of the Library is represented, from medical history to biotechnology. Multiple medical databases are available free of charge, including MEDLINE, CancerLit and AIDSline.

BioMedNet is the "Internet community for biological and medical researchers". The site includes MEDLINE access, a library of full-text journals, a collection of searchable biological databases, a daily scientific Webzine, and a shopping mall.

HealthGate includes resources to facilitate improvements in biomedical research, medical education, public health. MEDLINE is provided free, but other databases require an access fee.

MDchoice provides links to MEDLINE, case discussion, medical news, and other interesting information.

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