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The following is a list of pharmaceutical agents that have active web sites or web sites in development. Please note the drugs are listed in alphabetical order based on generic names and brand names. Please note that the Physician's Desk Reference (PDR) is another useful source for drug information, and is accessible through This is free of charge to physicians but you must register.

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    Generic Name
Brand Name
ReoPro (Lilly)
Cordarone IV (Wyeth-Ayerst)
Norvasc (Pfizer)
Agenerase (GlaxoWellcome)
Trasylol (Bayer)
Lipitor (Warener Lambert)
Wellbutrin (GlaxoWellcome)
Atacand (Astra)
Celebrex (Searle)
Pletal (Otsuka)
Celexa (Forest)
Plavix (Sanofi)
Orgaran (Organon)
Precedex (Abbott)
Tikosyn (Pfizer)
Anzemet (Abbott)
Procrit (OrthoBiotech)
Teveten (Unimed)
Integrelin (COR)
Corlopam (Abbott)
Proscar (Merck)
Diflucan (Pfizer)
Refludan (Hoechst)
Nordimmun IGIV
Remicade (Centocor)
Prevacid (TAP Pharmaceuticals)
Levaquin (Ortho-McNeil)
Cozaar (Merck)
Primacor (Sanofi Synthelabo)
Provigil (Cephalon)
Singulair (Merck)
Zyprexa (Lilly)
Prilosec (Astra-Zeneca)
Zofran (GlaxoSmithKline)
Neumega (Genetics Institute)
Xenical (Roche)
Diprivan (Astra-Zeneca)
Synercid (Aventis)
Evista (Lilly)
Altace (Monarch Pharmaceuticals)
Rebetron (Schering)
Maxalt (Merck)
Zemuron (Organon)
Vioxx (Merck)
Ultane (Abbott)
Viagra (Pfizer)
Zocor (Merck)
Betapace (Berlex)
Imitrex (GlaxoWellcome)
Aggrastat (Merck)
Coumadin (DuPont Pharma)
Zomig (Astra Zeneca)

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