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Welcome to the TreatMyPain Source, an interactive Internet site intended for US audiences. This web site is designed to provide information to physicians and healthcare personnel on important and new aspects of pain management and therapy. Novel pain therapies including emerging techniques and interventions in pain management and the development of molecules to target them are just a few of changes that have altered the way clinicians treat pain.  

Historically, the word pain is a Middle English term, derived from Old French peine, from Latin poena, penalty, pain, from Greek poin, penalty, and is defined as: 1)An unpleasant sensation occurring in varying degrees of severity as a consequence of injury, disease, or emotional disorder; 2)Suffering or distress; 3)Pains-The pangs of childbirth; 4)Pains-Great care or effort: take pains with one's work; 5)Informal. A source of annoyance; a nuisance (Reference: The diagnosis and treatment of pain is one of the most important concerns of patients, and medicine has made major advances in recent years with novel therapies to treat this age-old problem.

This site is an educational and informational site of RJF Research and Development, an Affiliate of Interventional Spine and Pain Management sponsored by and Be sure to visit to keep up on what is new and important, and for other helpful information. Please contact us at if you have additional suggestions or comments.

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